8 unique budget offers for your summer vacations

Everyone dreams of ideal holidays but the main point is money, of course. It`s awesome to visit new places but when they don`t ruin your budget.
We have made up a list of 8 interesting places you can visit and save your money at the same time. So let`s have a look at what we have found!


Charlottesville, Virginia

Do you like tasty food and good wine, and not high prices at the same time? Then Charlottesville is the best choice for you! Here you can taste various dishes at comparatively low prices. Food market in Charlottesville offers both local dishes like grits, fried chicken and renowned bakeries and international like pizza and sushi as well.
The city is also rich in places for tourists. 3 presidential estates are situated here and Shenandoah National Park is 40 miles far to visit.

Kansas City, Missouri

If your dream is to visit a metropolis but you lack money to go to New York or Chicago, then Kansas is what you need.
According to the recent researches KC takes the fourth places among the most affordable vacation cities in the USA and an average price for hotel per night is $114.
Everyone can find interesting things to do in this city. If you are keen on music, then jazz festivals are for you. You can also enjoy the beauty of number of fountains and if you are a family man then you can visit zoo and different museums.

Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

Ohiopyle is a state park known for its architecture and beautiful scenery.
Here you can enjoy watching 4 waterfalls, 79-miles park and Youghiogheny River, so everyone can find something interesting visiting this place.
Ohiopyle also includes 2 great buildings, forts, which were essential objects in the French and Indian War.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

After the terrible hurricane which took place here, Alabama is investing millions of dollars to restore the Gulf Shores State Park with its ivory-colored beaches. Successful results are already seen, lots of tourists come to see dolphins, charter fishing and golf courses. Gulf Shores is a great place for all, couples, friends and families who want to spend great time and save money.

St. Petersburg, Florida

The round-trip to St. Petersburg will cost you only $97, it`s really cheap if compared with the average airfare of $391.
This city is not only cheap to get in, but it has offered itself as an art capital. People can visit here various museums, galleries and theatres.

San Juan Islands, Washington

This place is ideal for those who look for silent enjoyment. You can get here by ferry, and this island is great for walking, cycling, hiking. You can enjoy its forests, lighthouses and valleys.
Weather on this island is favorable for fishing, or walking on the beach. So the choice is up to you!

San Antonio, Texas

Spending summer in San Antonio is a special thing as this time is filled with lights, different sounds and history here.
The city is famous for its River Walk, lots of galleries and ancient cathedrals and homes.
The prices here are affordable for all, you can rent a room for a night for $123.

Bar Harbor, Maine

You can visit this part of the world not only for winter activities, in summer this place offers a variety of things to do as well. You can enjoy the shorelines, mountains and taste delicious seafood.
You are also offered to visit Acadia National Park which is full of interesting activities with lighthouses, rock climbing and kayaking. It`s no doubt, you won`t be bored here as this part offers 120 miles of hiking trails.
Your vacation is in your hands and it can be interesting and not so expensive at the same time, just look for the places better!